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CCSA works to identify, communicate and facilitate commercial and investment opportunities between Switzerland and Argentina, for companies from both countries.

The services of the Chamber include:

Business consultations
Bilateral trade projects
People in our offices
Activities managed
Advice to Swiss companies interested in offering products and services in Argentina and monitoring the process of insertion in the country.
Response to local concerns regarding exporting possibilities to Switzerland, and access to essential contacts outside the country.
CCSA develops the different type of business agendas, market studies, and research of potential partners and distributors. The chamber also links with the appropriate commercial connection.
Generation of reports and applied statistics.
Support and representation for all CCSA members.
Promotion of business opportunities for both countries based on institutional presentations and workshops.
Information for the professional community, both in the academic and business sectors, fostering synergy and complementarity.
Keys to the CCSA´s work:
Professional Information
Promotion and Publicity
Proactive and personalized linking
Institutional Support
Comprehensive management of business solutions
Advice and Consulting
The work of the CCSA is carried out with:
Friendly, professional, and reliable environment.
Customized services.
Tools for business development:
New Communications and Digital Marketing Platform.
100 People Capacity Río de la Plata Room available for corporate activities.
Business Center and private offices.
A network of experts made up of our partners and strategic partners.
Complete strategic alliances with private and public institutions.


River Silver Lounge

We offer our room for events, meetings and conferences. We have a good capacity to invite attendees and we also offer the possibility of having catering, sound, projector, notebooks, internet and ambience.


Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) leads a worldwide network of experts and is the first contact in Switzerland for all issues related to international commerce.

With the directive from the Swiss Confederation (Secretariat of State for Economic Affairs SECO) and the Swiss cantons, S-GE promotes exports and investments helping its Swiss clients to carry on their business abroad.

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce of Argentina (CCSA) maintains a service agreement with S-GE to work together and guide Swiss companies in their development and expansion process to Argentina. This alliance places CCSA as the local strategic benchmark between both countries and provides new opportunities for its associates and its network of experts.



Between Switzerland and Argentina, there is a high political, economic and cultural bond, as well as a traditional root of friendly relations and trust between both countries. Argentina houses the most significant Swiss community in Latin America, with almost 16,000 people, while 10,000 Argentines live in Switzerland today.

The bilateral trade between Switzerland and Argentina registered a constant favorable balance for Argentina during the period 2008-2016. In 2016, exports reached the sum of US $ 1,141 million, which implied a fall of 9.32% compared to 2015. With imports for US $514 million (25.18% lower than in the same period of 2015), the trade balance was surplus for Argentina in US $626.9 million.

In 2016, Switzerland ranked 14th as the export destination and 15th as the supplier of Argentina. The primary good exported by Argentina to Switzerland is “gold for non-monetary use” (95.7% of the total).
In South America, Argentina is the second destination of Swiss investments (17%) after Brazil (54%). BCRA data indicate that in 2015, Switzerland was the 6th investor in Argentina. The stock of Swiss FDI was US $ 3,749 million (variation of -4.8% vs. 2014).
Swiss FDI in Argentina is not very diversified. The most relevant sectors are oilseeds and cereals (37% of the stock of Swiss FDI in 2015), chemical industry, rubber and plastic (23%) and oil (7%). Switzerland is a substantial investor in the oilseeds and cereals sector in Argentina, which explains 49% of the total stock of FDI in that area in 2015.
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