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The Swiss Argentine Chamber of Commerce’s was founded in 1938 to promote relations between Argentine and Swiss business communities in all their manifestations. With this aim, the Chamber cooperates in the diffusion of the Swiss community’s activities in Argentina and contributes with the Swiss Embassy in support of reciprocal commerce and relations with official and private entities of both countries.

The CCSA reunites the leading representatives of the economic and cultural Swiss community present in Argentina, and works as a link between those players, developing a vast program of services and activities. The daily performance of the chamber had positioned it as the preferred reference by those who are involved in business relationships between Switzerland and Argentina or want to participate in that environment.

  • The CCSA provides business assistance for companies established in Switzerland and Argentina.
  • Carries market reports with listings and profiles from several different organizations from
    different lines of business.
  • The chamber also promotes the contact between Swiss investors and Argentinean companies, and bring the knowledge about both countries to link possible business partners. When a Swiss corporation or investor requires local agents, the CCSA gets in contact with different companies with the aim of detecting their competitivity level and evaluate their interest in the product.

The Chamber also negotiates meeting agendas for the companies, visits to the facilities and assistance to post-graduate students. CCSA has been regularly doing with the participants in the Executive MBA of St. Gallen University and develops market research activities for business companies which are interested in the Argentinean and Swiss development potential.

The studies, carried out by third-party composed highly skilled professionals, are of vital value for the Swiss companies to be able to decide about their further business steps and follow the process the introduction in the local market.

CCSA assists Argentinean which wishes to get to the Swiss market. It builds the right connections with the respective Swiss organizations. The contribution provided by the Chamber as a link between both markets is essential for the strategic-commercial decision-taking process and continues as well with the support of companies and individuals who want to settle in Argentina.

Another critical issue that is followed by the CCSA is the business and juridical counseling in commercial, tax and legal areas. The chamber provides the help thanks to its extensive network of associates, which include the most prestigious Law firms in the country, as well as local representatives for foreign consultancy firms.

Since the language barriers are a significant obstacle to business relations, CCSA provides translating services in Spanish, German and English. The chamber also helps with job opportunities and specific searches between Argentina and Switzerland. These broad ranges of activities involve the development and promotion of the participation in tradeshows and congresses for Swiss companies, together with the Chamber’s associates.

Companies of the most diverse lines of business, from the industrial to pharmaceutical, are members of the CCSA, establishing valuable bonds and contacts in different areas. The chamber organizes lunches, visits to famous Swiss people, contact meetings, conferences and business panels. Companies such as laboratories, food companies, banks are members of the CCSA, promoting bilateral relationship on a daily basis.

The CCSA offer its Business Center, situated in downtown Buenos Aires, to its members. The facilities have the most modern technology, and companies can rent the place for different activities, meetings, and presentations.


CCSA MISSION is to promote bilateral trade, investment, and business between Switzerland and Argentina, meeting the needs of our partners and those who need our services. The CCSA seeks to generate new professional contacts, improve the existing ones, while consolidating the institution, increasing the participation of new actors and expanding the services offered.

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The VISION of the CCSA is to be the main reference of the commercial relations, businesses and investments between Switzerland and Argentina.


Professional and personalized support.
Functional environment according to the Swiss culture.
Creativity and innovation for business assistance.
Extensive and updated databases.
Competent, committed and updated staff.
Networking activities with Swiss institutions from Latin America, and from other countries in Argentina.
Useful and advanced relationships with public and private organizations in Switzerland and Argentina.
Regular promotion of an ethic, moral, confidential and transparent behavior in every activity of the CCSA.
Social responsibility and protection of the environment.


The Federation of Swiss Societies in Argentina, comprising 31 Swiss associations and aimed at developing cultural and commercial relations between Argentina and Switzerland, became the ideal environment for the idea of creating a Trade Commission.

In view of the difficulties that the industry and trade sectors of Switzerland were facing, specific measures were taken to facilitate the insertion of Swiss manufacturing companies in the world markets. Without losing sight of the famous Swiss motto “all for one, one for all”, the Federation of Swiss Societies in Argentina started discussing the creation of a Commission for Commercial Expansion.

In May 1936 the Federation’s Management Committee submitted a Memorandum to the Swiss Federal Assembly, stating the arguments for creating a Chamber of Commerce. This initiative was fully supported by Dr. Fischer-Reichenbach, Swiss Chargé d’Affaires in Argentina.

A special committee was appointed, composed of H. Bertschi, Carlos Brunner, Luis Felipe Ferrari and Emilio Paul, and was entrusted with conducting an opinion poll on this new initiative among the Swiss community. The result of the poll was negative, and the idea was put to rest.

In the meantime the newly-created Trade Commission, responsible for business and trade matters, was submitted for consideration the draft for the establishment of a Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The Trade Commission was chaired at the time by Ernesto Trolliet, who was assisted by a secretary, Professor B. Cometta Manzoni. With the support of the Management Committee of the Federation of Swiss Societies, the Trade Commission was transformed into a strong body composed of businessmen, importers, industrialists, financial experts and other professionals. This is how the Swiss Commission for Commercial Expansion came into being, which in a very short time acquired its own distinctive character and covered fields equivalent to those of a Chamber of Commerce.

On 16 May 1938 this new Commission called on all representatives of the local business and industry community to report on the actions taken and the conclusions arrived at. On this same day the unanimous decision was taken to formally establish the Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce.


D. Heinrich Schellenberg

Ambassador of Switzerland
Ambassador of Switzerland

Rodolfo Dietl

Leonhardt & Dietl Abogados

Gian Carlo Aubry

Vice president 1˚
Nestlé Argentina S.A.

Francisco Martínez Domene

Vice president 2˚
Adecco Argentina S.A.

Jorge Fassbind


Alberto V. Lisdero

Assistant Secretary

Jorge Dietl

KPMG Argentina

Arnaldo Hasenclever

Assistant Secretary
Grant Thornton Argentina S.C.

Ernesto Kohen

Delegate of C.D. to the Board of Directors
Chronex Chronometrerie Suisse S.A.

Ricardo Studer

Delegate of C.D. to the Board of Directors

Alfredo Rodríguez

Andrés Willa

Estudio Willa

Arnaldo José De Marzi

SGS Argentina S.A.

Carlos Schilling

Clariant Argentina S.A

Cristian Alberto Krϋger

Diego Disabato

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

Eduardo Maclean

Rolex Argentina S.A.

Ubaldo Aguirre

Holcim (Argentina) SA

Fabián Von Brocke

JUST International LATAM S.A.

Fernando Bekes

Firmenich S.A.I.C y F

Héctor Pourtale

Productos Roche SAQ e I

José Marcilla

Novartis Argentina S.A.

José Roberto De Pavia


Magdalena Brennan

Maxinta SACT y B

Mario E. Verschoor

Crossracer International S.A.

Valeria P. D´Alessandro

Substitute Board Members

Bernardo Jarabroviski

Grupo Colomé S.A

Christian Zweifel

La María Luisa S.R.L

Edgardo Padinger

Ferma S.A.

Florian Freismidl

Sika Argentina S.A.I.C.

Oliverio Villard

Villard y Louis S.A.

Account Reviewers

Gerardo Croissant

Luciano Fernández

Néstor Cabadini


Cecilia Dibárbora

Cecilia Dibárbora

General Manager
Erica Palomeque

Erica Palomeque

Members and Events
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