Total Management

In its search for excellence and in order to become a modern, dynamic, efficient and proactive institution, the Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce has been systematically applying the Organizational Excellence Model since 2001.
In May 2001 the Chamber was awarded the TQM Total Quality Management certification by SECO State Secretariat for Economic Affaires and Swisscham (Union of Swiss Chambers Abroad).
Our main achievement has been to transform our institution into a modern, dynamic, efficient and proactive Chamber of Commerce.
In 2007 a new phase was launched updating the TQM with the introduction of the “Organizational Excellence” tool. All guiding principles within the Chamber were reviewed and updated, the result being the Vision, Mission and Commitment which can be seen in our website.
All processes within the chamber were submitted to a total review, in particular those related to the value chain as well as to strategic direction, operational management and the support procedures for the latter. A “Process Diagram” sums up the structure.
At the end of this second phase we published the first edition of the “Total Quality Manual” which at this stage covers the structure of processes.
The third phase has already started, with the aim of consolidating the new system during its implementation and follow-up. We are creating a series of indicators of management, process performance as well as compliance with budgetary and strategic aims. The evolution of target goals and results will be monitored in order to facilitate management and the decision-taking process
We are planning to incorporate all the remaining concepts of the Organizational Excellence Models in further phases.