The Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit-making organization providing services to companies and members of the Swiss community in Argentina and Switzerland.

To promote trade, investments and bilateral business between Switzerland and Argentina. To fulfil the needs of our members as well as anyone who requires our services.
To encourage new contacts, improve and strengthen existing ones.
To consolidate our institution, increasing participation and expanding the range of services on offer.

We aim to be a benchmark on trade relations, business and investments between Switzerland and Argentina.

The Federation of Swiss Societies in Argentina, comprising 31 Swiss associations and aimed at developing cultural and commercial relations between Argentina and Switzerland, became the ideal environment for the idea of creating a Trade Commission.

In view of the difficulties that the industry and trade sectors of Switzerland were facing, specific measures were taken to facilitate the insertion of Swiss manufacturing companies in the world markets. Without losing sight of the famous Swiss motto "all for one, one for all", the Federation of Swiss Societies in Argentina started discussing the creation of a Commission for Commercial Expansion.

In May 1936 the Federation's Management Committee submitted a Memorandum to the Swiss Federal Assembly, stating the arguments for creating a Chamber of Commerce. This initiative was fully supported by Dr. Fischer-Reichenbach, Swiss Chargé d'Affaires in Argentina.

A special committee was appointed, composed of H. Bertschi, Carlos Brunner, Luis Felipe Ferrari and Emilio Paul, and was entrusted with conducting an opinion poll on this new initiative among the Swiss community. The result of the poll was negative, and the idea was put to rest.

In the meantime the newly-created Trade Commission, responsible for business and trade matters, was submitted for consideration the draft for the establishment of a Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The Trade Commission was chaired at the time by Ernesto Trolliet, who was assisted by a secretary, Professor B. Cometta Manzoni. With the support of the Management Committee of the Federation of Swiss Societies, the Trade Commission was transformed into a strong body composed of businessmen, importers, industrialists, financial experts and other professionals. This is how the Swiss Commission for Commercial Expansion came into being, which in a very short time acquired its own distinctive character and covered fields equivalent to those of a Chamber of Commerce.

On 16 May 1938 this new Commission called on all representatives of the local business and industry community to report on the actions taken and the conclusions arrived at. On this same day the unanimous decision was taken to formally establish the Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce.